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Wigan Royal Court Theatre

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 15th June 2018

The Royal Court Theatre in Wigan shut down in 1974, and since then it has been used for many things, from bingo hall to nightclub. But, thankfully, now the old music hall, which once hosted Charlie Ch...

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Debutante Balls

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 20th April 2018

Around this time or year begins the Debutante season. These seasons were very important for young, eligible, upper class women, to find a husband. When a woman was declared physically and mentall...

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Victorian Easter

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 6th April 2018

Happy Easter to all! Easter may have just passed for us here, but in the Victorian era it lasted much longer!For the Victorians, Easter was a week long festival at the minimum, cards were given, churc...

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Crimean War Begins

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 30th March 2018

28th March 1854, Britain, France, Sardinia and, the Ottoman empire, declare war on Russia, starting the Crimean War.The alliance of the British, French and, Turks feared the Russians moving into the B...

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The Royal Albert Hall Opened

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 23rd March 2018

 29th March 1870, the Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria, following the vision of Albert to create a space where people could access Art and Science. The Hall was originally going to ...

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