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The Holborn restaurant

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 20th October 2017

The Holborn restaurant is the restaurant that was built to be attached to the Malt Cross music hall in 1889. It was a very well-to-do place, where all of the up and coming folk of Nottingham would eat...

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Victorian Farms

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 13th October 2017

Farming has always been very important for the development of civilisation, the ability to feed everyone is very important. In Britain the most traditional and important crops are wheat, barley, corn ...

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Harvest Festival

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 6th October 2017

The Harvest festival has always been very important throughout history, the time of year when people gather in their hard won bounty and celebrated. This may involve, charity, feasting, and generally ...

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Happy Birthday to the Malt Cross!

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 2nd October 2017

Today, 2nd October, is our 140th Birthday! 140 years ago today, we opened our doors as the Malt Cross Music Hall! After 7 months of planning, building and, a lot of hard work, we finally opened our d...

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The Goose Fair!

Malt Cross Team | Heritage | 29th September 2017

The Goose fair is over 700 years old! Originally is was a yearly gathering to trade Michaelmas Geese, but over the years it developed into a huge fair and is now one of the largest in the country.&nbs...

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“Beautiful building and good variety of drinks”

“A really nice place to have a drink, as the interior and architecture of the building is lovely. The drinks are a decent price and there is often something happening here such as live music, exhibitions etc so it's always nice to come and see what's on.”

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