The Malt Cross Trust is a charity and social enterprise that shows love for the people of Nottingham by making the night-time economy safer and through creating cultural opportunities and events in music, heritage and the arts. We are also preserving this unique Grade II listed Victorian saloon music hall for future generations. Our vision is “loving people, serving Nottingham.”

What is the Malt Cross?

The Malt Cross music hall was acquired by the Malt Cross Trust in 2003 with the objective and aim of restoring and preserving this unique building for the city of Nottingham. Today, the Malt Cross is an exciting charity and social enterprise that is home to a vibrant cafe bar, a modern gallery space, a heritage, arts and crafts workshop and a pop up craft consortium. We are part of Nottingham’s cave network and we are also home to Safe Space and Street Pastors that enables us to do outreach work in the city of Nottingham.

Our aims are to provide:

  • A community space in the centre of Nottingham where people of all walks of life meet either in our licensed café bar or in our recently refurbished arts and heritage spaces where they can engage with the heritage and social history of Nottingham and our local cultural offering.
  • A space for a positive experience of night-time culture where visitors can regularly enjoy free or low cost music and events in a safe environment free from the fear of harassment whilst educating and encouraging other venues to do the same.
  • Our ongoing expertise and support to the Police, BID, NCC, the NHS, our local universities, Nottingham Heritage Panel and other creative groups across to city to create  and develop opportunities to provide a safer and more vibrant Nottingham.
  • Positive opportunities for young people through art, music and crafts enabling them to spark an interest, develop a fledgling talent or take them to the next step of their career. This could be anything from attending a free workshop, volunteering with us to gain industry knowledge or offering them a space to promote their work.
  • Volunteering opportunities for people from all backgrounds and ages to enable them to develop or share the skills. This could be anything from being a heritage tour guide to developing social media skills through promoting events to running arts and crafts workshops.

How We Achieve This…

Music, Arts & Crafts

Our focus is to give people with talent an opportunity and provide an accessible and welcoming venue in Nottingham’s city centre that makes arts, music and culture available to as many people as possible.

We are committed to working with young and up-and-coming musicians and artists to develop and nurture talent through opportunities at our live music events and through the use of our gallery space. We support local artists, craft workers and musicians by investing in a minimum of 12 of each under the age of 30 every year.

This investment could be anything from providing a young artist with space to exhibit their work, teaching someone how to curate exhibitions or market their work to help them bridge the step between a fledging hobby and a self-sustainable career. It could also be teaching someone how to run or promote a music event, introducing someone to jazz or spoken word for the first time through our summer school programme or raising the profile of an up and coming band through a performance at our music events.

Our schedule of events is thoughtfully considered to offer activities for all ages including very low cost or free events. These vary from social history groups aimed at older residents, free storytelling down in the caves for children or craft open days with free events suitable for all.

Heritage and Education

In December 2013 we secured £1.38 million funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to transform our building, allowing us to reclaim 3 unused floors and open up all levels of the Victorian music hall for the first time in a century. Through the renovation we have created a number of fantastic multi-functional spaces allowing us to host exhibitions, run workshops, run daily heritage tours and hold a variety of events in the caves below the building. Our award-winning refurbishment has won us the National Grand Final RICS Community Benefit award and saw us shortlisted in the East Midlands Regeneration, Building Conservation and Tourism and Leisure categories. We were also awarded FBE Regeneration and Refurbishments award too and received a commendation from Nottingham Civic Society.

As a result of our regeneration, we now use our new spaces to educate our visitors about the history of Nottingham, St James’s Street historically importance past and the history of the Malt Cross too.

Our recent partnership with BBC Nottingham saw over 250 people join us for free heritage tours and events which shows the value and importance of the work we do here.

We also have a specific educational programme that aligns with the National Curriculum from KS1-4 that we teach both internally to school groups as well as externally through free assemblies and talks in the community. 

Nottingham Street Pastors and Safe Space

We are the proud home of Street Pastors, Nottingham. Made up of over 60 volunteers aged 18-80 they go out on Friday and Saturday nights in Nottingham’s city centre between 10pm-3am to care for vulnerable or distressed people using the night time economy. Street Pastors was set up in Nottingham in partnership with the Ascension Trust to respond to the need to reduce violence and anti-social behaviour. Our Street Pastors are trained to deflect or talk down fights, help intoxicated people home, provide frontline First Aid and to work with the emergency services to relieve pressure off them during peak periods. Every year we help over 2,500 people to get home safely, keep over 1,500 from visiting Accident and Emergency saving the city over £ 2 million per annum and when Street Pastors are on shift violence in the city reduces by 50%. Beyond our weekly shifts we run specific projects and initiatives on sexual harassment, knife crime reduction, vulnerable person training and the prevention of child sexual exploitation. 

At the Malt Cross we are also home to Safe Space, a project supported by the NHS, Police, and other government agencies. This means there is a safe place in the city for anyone who might need it between 10pm-3am on Friday and Saturday nights. This can be anything from someone wanting a safe place to wait for a taxi or a discreet place for someone to receive first aid or be triaged by paramedics or Framework’s Homelessness service through their No Second Night Out campaign.

We also support the city by working at local festivals and events in the East Midlands such as Splendour, Pride and the No Tomorrow Festival providing onsite support.

Street Pastors run the Malt Cross Christmas Food Bank which supports a number of Nottingham charities such as Women’s Aid, Base 51, NGY and the Friary which allows us to directly support their communities at Christmas where they may otherwise receive nothing at all. The Corner House, DHP Family and Nelsons were all significant donors to this cause in 2015 which enabled us to give the gift of Christmas to over forty families, young people and individuals referred to us from these charities across the city.

By Supporting Us You Are Supporting:


  • A minimum of 12 local artists, 12 crafts workers and 12 musicians under the age of 30 every year.
  • A service that gets over 2,500 people home safely after a night out in Nottingham every year.
  • Citywide projects to educate and encourage Nottingham to become a safer place on covering everything from knife crime to sexual harassment.
  • The ongoing preservation and care of the last Victorian music hall outside London for future generations.
  • Our free assembly programme teaching local children in Nottingham about the Victorian heritage of the city.
  • Our Christmas foodbank where we collect donations of money, gifts and vouchers to give Christmas to over 40 nominated families, young people and individuals who otherwise would receive nothing at all.
  • The creation of homelessness packs to be given out by our Street Pastor team.
  • The purchase of equipment such as water and flip flops which were given up to nearly 1,700 people last year.

“Beautiful building and good variety of drinks”

“A really nice place to have a drink, as the interior and architecture of the building is lovely. The drinks are a decent price and there is often something happening here such as live music, exhibitions etc so it's always nice to come and see what's on.”

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